Southwestern Europe country guides

Greece motorhome country guide

cloady view of ioannina lake greece
View of the Rio-Antirio bridge Antirio Greece
People out shopping  at night in Athens
View of Athens from the acropolis

Greece is a year around destination that is hot and busy in summer but quiet and sleepy in winter. Few motorhomers or caravanners winter in Greece, partly because of the long drive, but mostly because it slightly colder than Spain during winter. This makes Greece the perfect place to winter if you like your own company. The Greeks are welcoming and accommodating so a winter in Greece is sure to leave you feeling warm inside.

Spain motorhome country guide

windmill don quixote spain
mallorca palma cathedral church spanish island
madrid spain torres skyline
valencia spain calatrava sunset

Southern coastal Spain provides the warmest winter temperatures in mainland Europe, thus motorhome and caravan users migrate there from all over the continent. The warm winters make it viable to grow a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and salad crops. The evidence of this intensive production is clearly visible as thousands of hectares of southern Spain are cloaked in plastic. Spain has more than sun, sea, sand and plastic, drive inland and a different, quieter Spain awaits you.

Portugal motorhome country guide

lisbon portugal city urban bridge
porto city historic centre overview portugal
portugal aveiro boats river
padrao dos descobrimentos monument lisbon

Portugal has a relaxed pace of life that follows the seasons. Agricultural vehicles of all types are used as daily transport, testament to the family farm lifestyle so prevalent in the interior. During winter the Atlantic coast is often windier and wetter than the more sheltered Algarve; unsurprisingly this is where most motorhomes congregate. If you drive north, away from the Sun-Seekers, you will find the wetlands around Aveiro. This area provides shellfish for birds and fishermen alike who navigate the creeks in traditional colourful fishing boats.

Malta motorhome country guide

Fishing boats in Marsakloxx harbour Malta
Sunset over Malta port
Buildings on Malta
Church on hill Gozo city Malta

Malta is located 60 miles south of Sicily. You do not need a car to get around Malta because it is only 14 miles long and 8 miles wide. Malta has an enviable comfortable year-round climate, is packed with interesting sites and has plenty of quiet beaches. Motorhoming on Malta is not recommended although a ferry can be taken from Sicily to Malta.

Italy motorhome country guide

italy twisting mountain road highway
leaning tower of pisa italy
italy monument tropea calabria
venetian water way flowing under bridge venice

Rome was not built in a day and Italy has so much to see and do it is hard to know where to start. For centuries Italy has been a firm favourite with grand tourers and if we only had one month to travel Europe we would spend three weeks in Italy. Adventurous winter Sun-Seekers should head south to Sicily and drive around Etna, the largest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world. Visit for more information about visiting Etna.

Andorra motorhome country guide

snow mountain ski andorra winter

Andorra is a small principality located high in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. Tens of thousands of skiers visit the tiny principality during winter. During the summer, the mountains are popular with walkers and mountain bikers. Andorra is not part of the EU, but has a special relationship, and has adopted a lot of EU legislation. The euro is the official currency and your euro can go up in smoke if you buy the cheap locally grown tobacco. Andorra has two border posts, one with France, and one with Spain, both are open 24/7.