Southeastern Europe country guides

Turkey motorhome country guide

cami minaret turkey the minarets
cappadocia turkey balloons
seagull marine cami turkey
ege rome boats turkey marine

Turkey is not a member of the EU but has applied for EU membership. A visa is required for British nationals to enter Turkey; charged at €15 or £10. Visa prices vary between nationalities; Canadian passport holders are charged €45 whilst New Zealand passport holders are granted a free visa. For up-to-date information on visa requirements check before you depart.

Romania motorhome country guide

romania landscape scenic bicycle
romania transfagarasan
tram romania city building oradea
pietrele doamnei landscape hills

Romania is famed for being the home of Dracula, which is exploited exceptionally well by the tourist board. Nevertheless there is more to Romania than myths such as Black Sea beach resorts, the famous river Danube, not to mention 25 UNESCO world heritage sites which include pained monasteries and wooden churches. Romania can be very cold during winter and the skiing is limited thus spring and summer are the best times to visit.

Macedonia motorhome country guide

Church building over looking lake in Macedonia
Statue lined bridge at main square in Skopje Macedonia
Ohrid port city river harbour Macedonia
Castle Platamon on hill above village of Platamonas Macedonia

Macedonia is not part of the EU but has applied to join. British passport holders can visit for three months without having to obtain a visa. Visitors must register with the police in the town they are staying within 24hrs of arrival, unless the campsite does it for you. The town of Ohrid, with its historic buildings and adjacent lake is a popular tourist destination. Further tourist information can be found at:

Republic of Kosovo motorhome country guide

kosovo skyline buildings tower
prizren kosovo townscape mountains
national library pristina kosovo
kosovo pristina youth sports centre

The tiny country of Kosovo, established in 2008, is not recognised by all European Union countries and is currently not part of the EU, though its currency is the Euro. There are no visa requirements for any national who wish to enter Kosovo, but at the Kosovo border you may be requested to provide documentation giving a reason for your entry. If you have a reason to enter Kosovo it is best not to enter or exit through Serbia. People with passports stamped with Republic of Kosovo stamps have been refused entry to Serbia.

Cyprus motorhome country guide

boat grounded seashore beach cyprus
church town sea sky overview cyprus
cyprus coast cliff cavo greko
street alley town buildings cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus occupies the southern half of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The north of the island is controlled by Turkey and a border with checkpoints is maintained. Visitors may cross the border but should appreciate that this is a complicated situation, and both sides hold strong views. The Republic of Cyprus is not a Greek island but a country in its own right. The euro is the official currency and The Republic of Cyprus a member of the EU. Vehicles drive on the left, a reminder that Cyprus was once under British control.

Bulgaria motorhome country guide

Sofia cathedral Bulgaria
View of Stara Planina mountain range
Sunset View across the water at Durankulak Lake
Belogradchik Fortress Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not known as a motorhome or caravan destination and the few that make it there are normally en-route elsewhere. Rather than rush through Bulgaria make time to visit the Rila monastery, drive through the Valley of the Roses and drink the local brandy, it’s very good. The Black Sea resort is steadily developing, although out of season it will be quiet and offers some informal opportunities. Skiing from a motorhome is possible in Bulgaria but is not really viable due to the extremely cold temperatures and lack of open campsites.