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Sweden motorhome country guide

sailboat water stockholm ship
the oresund bridge bro malmo
sweden west coast sea sky nature
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Sweden is often seen as the ‘back door to Norway’ due to its flat, toll free roads that cut through seemingly endless pine trees. The large lakes of Vanern and Vattern make an ideal stop for a few days, whilst the capital, Stockholm, should not be missed. Stockholm has a congestion charge, but this only applies to Swedish registered vehicles. Southern and Central Sweden has plenty of speed cameras.

Norway motorhome country guide

Norwegian fjord
Kristiansund at sunset Norway
Northen lights Norway
A coastal town on the Lofoten islands Norway

Norway is without any doubt the most interesting Scandinavian country to visit. This is simply due to the ever-changing landscape that you drive through. It seems that every 30 minutes you look out over new scenery. Norway is not a cheap country to visit, so stock your cupboards in advance, making sure you check you do not break any of the import regulations, listed below. Motorhome longer than 6 metres or weighing more than 3500kg are charged at least double for tolls and ferries, compared to motorhomes that are less than 3500kg and less than 6 metres.

Finland motorhome country guide

finland bridge snow winter town
finland sunrise landscape scenic
oulu finland lighthouse landmark
small floating wooden sauna finnish finland

Finland is often overlooked by motorhomes on the Scandinavian tour. Southern and central Finland is bejewelled with natural lakes that are ideal for swimming, fishing and boating. The further north you travel the more the wilderness dominates, this is especially true along the Russian Border and above the Arctic Circle. Finland employs border guards to maintain the Schengen zone along the Russian border. You may come across patrols when you drive, cycle, or walk close to the border and they will politely ask you for your identification.

Denmark and The Faroe Islands motorhome country guide

green pastures blue cloudy skies faroe islands
denmark port city
sea view snow cover road foroyar faroe islands
nyhavn district copenhagen city denmark

Denmark is the smallest and most southerly of the four Scandinavian countries. There are numerous small islands to explore as well as the three main parts. Jutland borders Germany and has the best sandy beaches in Denmark. They are large and when the tide is out day parking is allowed. Follow the E20 East and you will drive over the 1km long bridge that connects Jutland to Funen island. Keep heading east on the E20 and you drive over the 17km bridge to Zealand island, home to the capital city Copenhagen which must be the best capital in Europe to cycle around.