Ukraine motorhome country guide

Zhitomir autumn river scape Ukraine
panoramic overview of Kiev city Ukraine
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Citizens of the EU (including British citizens) are allowed to enter Ukraine without a visa for a visit of up to 90 days from entering the country. At the border an ecological tax will be charged for your vehicle, the amount payable will depend on the engine power. Ideally visit in the summer, as the Ukraine gets very cold in winter. You must carry your passport at all times for identification; police must identify themselves before requesting to see it. Tourist information is available at

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Ukraine (free wild camping)
There are limited campsites in Ukraine. 23 campsites are listed on, although not all have full details. Campsites are likely to be basic with limited facilities. Try to find secure, guarded parking if you cannot find a campsite, hotels or tourist attractions may provide suitable car parks. There are no motorhome stopovers in Ukraine.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Ukraine
Roads may be in poor condition with large pot holes. Other drivers can be erratic. Drive your motorhome or campervan defensively at all times. Invest in maps before you depart as your GPS machine is unlikely to have comprehensive mapping, but even maps are unlikely to have all the roads. Road checks are frequent. If you are involved in an accident leave the vehicle where it is and wait for the police, moving the vehicle may be seen as an offence. Traffic jams are frequently when accidents block the road; accept this as part of driving in the Ukraine. It is advisable that you do not drive at night. LPG is available.