Turkey motorhome country guide

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Turkey is not a member of the EU but has applied for EU membership. A visa is required for British nationals to enter Turkey; charged at €15 or £10. Visa prices vary between nationalities; Canadian passport holders are charged €45 whilst New Zealand passport holders are granted a free visa. For up-to-date information on visa requirements check http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa before you depart. Your passport should be valid for at least six months on entry into Turkey and have at least three months validity from the date you are exiting Turkey. Ensure you have a physical Green Card, and that your insurance covers Asian Turkey as well as European Turkey and that cover is fully comprehensive and not just third party. Vehicle details are entered on the driver's passport and the driver will not be able to leave Turkey without the vehicle. Make sure you have Travel or Vehicle Insurance that will cover the Duty/Customs Bond if you are taken ill and have to fly home or the vehicle is written off in an accident. Tourist information is available from www.gototurkey.co.uk

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Turkey (free wild camping)
The ACSI DVD lists 42 campsites in Turkey. The website www.turizm.net has a wealth of information on Turkey and although some information appears to be a little dated it has a list of national park and forest campsites, www.turizm.net/turkey/tips/nationalparks.htm, and the website also lists other campsites by region at www.turizm.net/turkey/tips/camp-list.htm. Campsites vary dramatically in size and standard. There are no motorhome stopovers in Turkey and Offsite-Parking is likely to be tolerated away from touristy areas and out of season. Don Madge comments: ‘The rural areas of Turkey are policed by the Jandarma (Military police) they set up road blocks but usually wave you through when they see you are a tourist. Don't under any circumstances park or camp in the vicinity of a Jandarma Post they will move you on, the posts are marked with plenty of white paint, large Turkish flags and soldiers with guns. The coastal posts are usually situated in very picturesque spots and it is very tempting to park/camp near them just for the views.’

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Turkey
The roads in Turkey are of average quality with plenty being upgraded. Take care in road works as upgrading often requires the road surface to be removed and the temporary road can be very rutted and pot-holed. Roads can be very slippery in wet conditions. Some motorways require a toll to be paid. Tolls must be paid via a pre-paid card which can be acquired from a bank or from the booth before you enter the toll motorway. The card costs TL3-5 and it is then loaded with credit. When you enter the toll road use the lane marked ‘KGS’ or ‘Kart’ and swipe your card as you enter and exit. Failing to have enough credit on your card could result in a fine of 11 times the normal toll. Toll lanes marked ‘Nakit’ or ‘Parali’ refers to cash payment, unfortunately these lanes are being removed. More information including prices and instructions can be found at www.kgm.gov.tr, click on KGS, this website is in Turkish but can be translated. If you get a speeding fine in Turkey, they are very keen on using speed guns, paying on the spot reduces the fine by 25 per cent. Drivers of foreign registered motorhomes or campervans have the option of paying the fine when they exit the country, and you cannot exit until you have paid the fine. Fuel is more expensive in Turkey than the UK. LPG is widely available.