Romania motorhome country guide

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Romania is famed for being the home of Dracula, which is exploited exceptionally well by the tourist board. Nevertheless there is more to Romania than myths such as Black Sea beach resorts, the famous river Danube, not to mention 25 UNESCO world heritage sites which include pained monasteries and wooden churches. Romania can be very cold during winter and the skiing is limited thus spring and summer are the best times to visit.

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Romania (free wild camping)
There are 69 campsites listed on the Romanian tourist board publication, Romania - Motels and Campings Map. 

There are no Motorhome Stopovers in Romania and during winter stopping at TIR truck parking areas may be your only option. You will be charged a nominal amount to park overnight, and there is often a shop, shower and restaurant onsite.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Romania
Romania main roads are generally in reasonable condition, especially the main truck routes. Despite this speed should be used with caution as the roads can have unexpected ripples or potholes. In built up areas the roads can be very narrow and power lines can be low. Transportation pulled by animals is not uncommon. Village roads and non-main routes may not be surfaced with tarmac. Sign posting is not always clear, or existent, thus conscientious navigation is required.

Upon entry into Romania you will have to purchase a road tax ‘sticker’ for your motorhome or campervan known as Rovinieta. Registration can be done at border crossing points, fuel stations and post offices , but you may not get a sticker so keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Failing to purchase Ronvinieta could result in a maximum €4000 fine. The cost depends on the vehicle emissions category and can be valid for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. You will need proof of insurance and the vehicle registration document when purchasing the Rovinieta.

Dipped headlights are obligatory during daylight hours. LPG is widely available from fuel stations.