Portugal motorhome country guide

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Portugal has a relaxed pace of life that follows the seasons. Agricultural vehicles of all types are used as daily transport, testament to the family farm lifestyle so prevalent in the interior. During winter the Atlantic coast is often windier and wetter than the more sheltered Algarve; unsurprisingly this is where most motorhomes congregate. If you drive north, away from the Sun-Seekers, you will find the wetlands around Aveiro. This area provides shellfish for birds and fishermen alike who navigate the creeks in traditional colourful fishing boats.

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Portugal (free wild camping)
Portugal has approximately 250 campsites, many of which are open all year. 139 campsites are listed on www.campingportugal.org and 160 are listed on www.visitportugal.com There are 135 Motorhome Stopovers listed in All the Aires Spain and Portugal, most of which are located inland. Offsite-Parking is possible but ‘No Motorhome’ signs are common along the coastline.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Portugal
Compared to Spanish roads Portuguese roads are poor and country lanes are very bumpy. Main roads are busy and the surface is often deteriorated and potholed. The local driving style is calm, and the local roads are quiet.

Portuguese toll roads have a 12 hour time restriction. As always the advice, for safety reasons, is do not park overnight at motorway rest areas in your motorhome or campervan, but in this circumstance time is also against you. Electronic tolls, signed ‘Lanco Com Portagem’, apply on many of the former free stretches of motorway. This is an automated system and there are no toll-booths. Instead an electronic device has to be leased or a three day ticket can be purchased. These are available from motorway service stations or post offices and must be acquired before you use the motorways. Visit http://portagens.ctt.pt or see the tourist board website.

LPG is available in Portugal at many fuel stations, 77 LPG filling points are listed in All the Aires Spain and Portugal. Fuel is 10 cents more per litre in Portugal than it is in Spain.