Greece motorhome country guide

cloady view of ioannina lake greece
View of the Rio-Antirio bridge Antirio Greece
People out shopping  at night in Athens
View of Athens from the acropolis

Greece is a year around destination that is hot and busy in summer but quiet and sleepy in winter. Few motorhomers or caravanners winter in Greece, partly because of the long drive, but mostly because it slightly colder than Spain during winter. This makes Greece the perfect place to winter if you like your own company. The Greeks are welcoming and accommodating so a winter in Greece is sure to leave you feeling warm inside.

Campsites, Motorhome Stoppovers and Offsite-Parking in Greece (free wild camping)
Greece has 314 campsites and a few are open during winter, although, not closed, is a better description for many of them. Searchable campsite lists can be found at and There are no Motorhome Stopovers in Greece but restaurateurs’ are likely to allow overnight stays in their car parks in exchange for patronage. Offsite-Parking is illegal, the website states ‘Free camping is prohibited in Greece and in particular tent setup or caravan parking in archaeological sites, along the coast, on the outskirts of public forests, in forests and spaces for public use in general.’ Offsite-Parking will probably be tolerated away from the coast during winter due to the lack of open campsites.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Greece
Road signs are written in both Cyrillic and English and there are plenty of tourists sites clearly signed. Roads are generally good although there are few dual carriageways and only the motorways around Athens are tolled. The Greeks adopt a fatalist style of driving, thus overtaking on a blind bend is thought to be equally as good as on a straight clear road. Thankfully outside of cities the roads are very quiet. Island hopping is possible during winter but the weather conditions may prevent minor ferries from crossing, so be prepared to park in the harbour for a few days.

LPG autogas is not widely available but availability is increasing, some LPG stations are listed on and