Finland motorhome country guide

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Finland is often overlooked by motorhomes on the Scandinavian tour. Southern and central Finland is bejewelled with natural lakes that are ideal for swimming, fishing and boating. The further north you travel the more the wilderness dominates, this is especially true along the Russian Border and above the Arctic Circle. Finland employs border guards to maintain the Schengen zone along the Russian border. You may come across patrols when you drive, cycle, or walk close to the border and they will politely ask you for your identification. For more information visit or pick up ‘The Border Guard’ leaflet from a tourist office.

Santa Clause is real! If you do not believe us, you can meet him in person at Santa’s grotto, which straddles the E75 7km north of Rovaniemi. Santa is available for a free consultation all year round and you can impress your mates by sending them a postcard stamped in Santa’s own post office. Further information

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water and that is one thing Finland has a lot off. Consequently mosquitoes will accompany you as you travel and boy do they have an attitude problem. They do not carry disease but it takes strong repellent and head nets to keep them at bay. When you accept that this is part of the experience you will be able to make the most of this diverse country.

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Finland (free wild camping)
Finland has approximately 300 campsites. 150 campsites are listed on and an English and German download is available. Motorhome Service Points are rare in Finland as a result it is common Finish practice to dispose of toilet waste and wastewater down earth closet toilets. These glorified holes in the ground are located throughout the country. Toilet chemicals are potentially harmful to the environment and as a responsible tourist you have two choices, either put up with the smell or fit a SOG extractor; see page 85 of Go Motorhoming and Campervanning for further details.

Water is available at fuel stations and should be obtained when filling up with fuel. These water points are uncommon in the north compared to the south. See Denmark for details about the Nordic Camper guidebook which features Finland. Offsite-Parking is tolerated due to the “Every Man’s Right”; see page 196 for a full explanation.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Finland
Only the main roads are sealed in northern Finland, though the compacted gravel roads are generally in good condition and can provide better Offsite-Parking opportunities. These gravel roads may not be obvious on your map but do generally go somewhere. Motorhomes or campervans must drive with dipped headlights during daylight hours. From October to May roads can be closed due to snow, so it is worth investigating road conditions before travelling. Visit for information about Finish roads. Please read about elk and reindeer in the Norway section. Winter tyres are compulsory from 1st of December until the 28th of February. There are no toll roads and no LPG stations in Finland