Estonia motorhome country guide

The Eatonian flag flying above Tall Hermann at Toompea Castle in Tallinn
Skyline of Tallinn's historic centre Estonia
Viru gate on a snowy winters night in Tallinn Estonia
House next to canal in Estonia

Estonia is a low-lying country with 3,780km of coastline making it a good cycling and potentially beachside location. The capital city Tallinn has a beautifully preserved old town with plenty of places to park. Helsinki is just 80km across the water so Tallinn is a good place to catch ferry to Finland. Due to Estonia’s geographical position, it is best to visit from late spring and summer.

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Estonia (free wild camping)
Estonia has 300 campsites lists 130 campsites and details 18. Estonian campsites traditionally accommodated tents but increasing numbers of caravan and motorhome visitors is encouraging some campsite owners to upgrade their facilities. There are no municipally provided Motorhome Stopovers but you may be allowed to park overnight in bar and restaurant car parks. Offsite-Parking is illegal but may be tolerated.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Estonia 
Dipped headlights are compulsory during daylight hours. The roads are good and the traffic is light. There are no toll roads. Estonian winters are cold enough for the Baltic Sea to freeze along its coast, which in turn becomes Europe’s longest ice road across to Rohukula and Hiiumaa islands. If you think that driving on ice sounds like fun you must have a vehicle weighing less than 2500kg. Elsewhere winter tyres are obligatory from October to April. More information about Estonian roads is available at There are a few LPG gas stations listed on and 10 GPL autogas stations are listed on