Bulgaria motorhome country guide

Sofia cathedral Bulgaria
View of Stara Planina mountain range
Sunset View across the water at Durankulak Lake
Belogradchik Fortress Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not known as a motorhome or caravan destination and the few that make it there are normally en-route elsewhere. Rather than rush through Bulgaria make time to visit the Rila monastery, drive through the Valley of the Roses and drink the local brandy, it’s very good. The Black Sea resort is steadily developing, although out of season it will be quiet and offers some informal opportunities. Skiing from a motorhome is possible in Bulgaria but is not really viable due to the extremely cold temperatures and lack of open campsites.

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Bulgaria (free wild camping)
55 campsites are listed on www.campingo.com and 124 are listed on www.camping.bg Bulgarians on camping holidays normally sleep in tents or hire a wooden hut, consequentially some sites are unsuitable for motorhomes. There are no Motorhome Stopovers in Bulgaria and during winter stopping at TIR truck parking areas may be your only option, you will be charged nominal amount to park overnight. Offsite-Parking is illegal, but out of season you are unlikely to be disturbed in town squares or car parks.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Bulgaria
The main route through to Greece was vastly improved for the Athens Olympics so if determined you can drive through Bulgaria in a day. The road was not surfaced in built up areas and it is necessary to slow down because of the uneven surface. The route to Turkey is well used by truckers and in reasonable condition. On minor routes the roads are axle breaking and in really rural areas are simply mud tracks. In built up areas roads can be very narrow and power lines can be low. Expect to share the road with transportation pulled by animals. Dipped headlights are compulsory from the 1st November through to the 31st of March.

Visiting motorhomes or campervans must display a local road tax sticker (vignette) that is stuck to the windscreen. You can purchase weekly, monthly or yearly vignettes from petrol stations and border posts. LPG is widely available at fuel stations across Bulgaria.