Bosnia Herzegovina motorhome country guide

Mostar bridge view Bosnia and Herzegovina
Snowy winter view bosnia and herzegovina
Mostar river view Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Beach in Bosnia-and-Herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina has applied for EU status and no visas are required for EU citizens or citizens from America or Canada. Landmines are still a risk in remote rural areas and walkers are advised to take a local guide. Tourist information can be obtained from

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Bosnia Herzegovina (free wild camping)
There are 25 campsites listed on the tourist board website. Some campsites are aimed at tent campers or consist of static huts. If no campsite is available it may be possible to stay in the car park of a restaurant in return for patronage.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Bosnia Herzegovina
There are no toll roads in Bosnia Herzegovina and a good map is advised as road signs in the Republic of Srpska are in Cyrillic. Motorhomes require an 80kph sticker to be fixed to the rear. Police road checks and bribes are common. Ensure your insurance provider can supply a green card. Dipped headlights should be used at all times and winter tyres are required between 15 November and 15 April, a set of snow chains should be carried at all other times.