Andorra motorhome country guide

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Andorra is a small principality located high in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. Tens of thousands of skiers visit the tiny principality during winter. During the summer, the mountains are popular with walkers and mountain bikers. Andorra is not part of the EU, but has a special relationship, and has adopted a lot of EU legislation. The euro is the official currency and your euro can go up in smoke if you buy the cheap locally grown tobacco. Andorra has two border posts, one with France, and one with Spain, both are open 24/7. Goods purchased in Andorra, for example tobacco, are classed as being imported into the EU (France and Spain), so check the limits at the border when you enter. At the time of writing, the tobacco allowance was 300 cigarettes or 400g of tobacco or 150 cigars under 3g each or 75 cigars over 3g each.

Campsites, Motorhome Stopovers and Offsite-Parking in Andorra (free wild camping)
Andorra has 11 campsites and camping areas, some are open all year. The campsites located near the main tourist resorts are busy and expensive. There are no Motorhome Stopovers in Andorra and Offsite-Parking is prohibited. Motorhomers often park overnight in the car parks on the French or Spanish borders and simply visit for the day.

Driving your motorhome or campervan in Andorra
The main route through Andorra takes you along a tight and congested valley. You can avoid the steep and twisty roads by paying to use the tunnels. Andorra la Vella, the only town, has no allocated motorhome parking and the officious traffic wardens will direct you to the campsite, even if you want to park for an hour. To avoid this park where you see other motorhomes parked. Road information is available at Fuel in Andorra is approximately €0.10 per litre less than in Spain and €0.20 less than in France. LPG autogas is not available in Andorra.